“The practice of art isn’t to make a living. It’s to make your soul grow.”

~Kurt Vonnegut

El Dorado Hills / Folsom Art Studio Tour June 2019

Sandy Hilton Pottery

I have always been intrigued with the feel of the earth between my fingers. I love using raw clay from the earth as the main media I work with. I love the process of forming wet clay and then letting heat and glass perform the final results.

My journey with clay started after being inspired by a National Geographic film I saw in grade school of a person making pottery on a wheel. I was hooked and eventually took a ceramics class in high school and went on to pursue a degree in art from Cal State Northridge. I began teaching pottery in 1978 and have enjoyed sharing the joy of pottery-making with hundreds of students since then.

I’m excited to announce that my pottery is available at the Sutter Street Artists Gallery, located inside Anita Rochelle Boutique and Fine Art. The gallery is located at 627 Sutter Street in Folsom. Stop by and take a look!

Click on any of the gallery images below to see more of my work. Thanks for visiting!

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